Jew Fest

according to many of jewish ethincity, a jew fest (noun) refers to any festive occ-ssion on which primarily, but not exclusively, jewish individuals gather in a spirit of celebration. jew fests (plural) vary in size and location, taking place in large numbers or in intimate gatherings.

by definition, at least two jewish individuals are required for the term “fest” to be used. otherwise, one would simply say, “jew”. one cannot have a festival by one’s self. this holds true across ethnicities.

more recently, the term has gained popular usage by progressive-minded young adult jewish individuals in north america. despite concerns that by boldly incorporating the word “jew” into new idioms or word-combinations opens them up to criticism and various forms of prejudice, many jewish individuals nevertheless use the term with pride and in the spirit of mutuality and benevolence. not intended as a hurtful expression, nor one which implies any form of exclusionary behavior towards individuals of varying faiths, the term jew fest should be used respectfully, yet with the appropriate degree of irreverance and humor.
for example: leaving a gathering of friends, someone might remark “wow, that was a serious jew fest in there!”

it is important to note that most words, including the words jew fest, are colored by the intention with which they are spoken. thus, most words can be said in either a spirit of benevolence or one of malvolence. expressions evoked with the intention of malvolence are most frequently frowned upon by kind, self–ssured indivioduals who oppose ethnic discrimination.

in addition, the term jew fest has recently been used as the name for several art and culture festivals designed to provide opportunities for socializing, as well as exposure to current developments occuring within (and beyond) several burgeoning jewish cultural communities. increasingly, opportunities are being provided by such festivals for young local artists, thinkers and trendsetters to network, learn and celebrate together in the spirit of inclusivity, collaboration and dialogue.
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the term “jew fest”(alternate spelling “jew-fest”) can be defined as meaning
this definition can be used in two ways 1)from the prospective of the stronger party the confrontation was easy.
2)from the prospective of the weaker party the confrontation was strongly biased against them.
1)”man that fight with the new kid was so easy it was practically a jew fest.” 2)”i don’t see why ricky had to beat up the new kid like that. i mean we all knew he was stronger, so why did he have to go and make it such a jew fest?”

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