a girl with a supa fine -ss.
d-mn that gurl got a jiggleypuff
when you put flour on a women’s breast during intercourse.
i made a mess with that jiggleypuff last night

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  • jigie

    a girl whos vary s-xy that can get any guy she wants (but vary picky)that has a c-ke bottle body with an -ss that jiggles. mech-lle:whats good ulgy guy:nothing much wanna be my gf? mech-lle:ew no i dont think so. hot guy :how about me? mech-lle:sure thing s-xy ulgy guy: you f—–g jigie

  • Jigo

    the awesome-st person in the entire world. and if she says she a girl shes a f-cking girl! jigo

  • Jimmie's Uncle

    when you put a pillow on a womans lap and digitally penetrate her in front of company. we had a few friends over, so i decided to give my girl a jimmie’s uncle.

  • jisum

    a slang term that relates to -j-c-l-t–n or seamen. i was w-nking this guy off and he jisumed all over me. i was licking sarah out and she jisumed in my mouth. i gave dave a bl-w j-b and had jisum all over me after he shot his load.

  • jizzila

    to j-zz in the manner of g-dzilla guy1: dude, did u have fun last night? guy2: oh man that chick i took home made me turn into j-zzila

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