an ediot or a moron. a real stupid m-f-.
d-mn, your such a f-ck-ng j-zzenberry.

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  • polytheurane

    another type of latex. it is a condom for people who happen to be allergic to latex. it is supposedly better than a latex condom. yo motha f-cka, i used his polytheurane sh-t, and it was da sh-t, it didnt break or nothing like other condoms!

  • culiar

    to have s-xual intercourse. hey i’m gonna have to let you go; i’m about to go culiar.

  • curve breaker

    noun 1. a student who is so prepared for an exam that he/she breaks any grading curve set up for the exam. 2. any student who gets +a’s on tests. “well, why do they call him the ‘curve breaker’?” “because he breaks curves, avy!”

  • antler

    anything that sticks out from anything else. used frequently by 1puglife on youtube. most common form is the breathing antler, aka cigarette which is frequently chooched, or puffed, by both b.a.m., breathing antler mike, or nelson. oh man, i think my pants antler just leaked. 4 more definitions to have antlers is to be high. […]

  • anup sangehra

    when one desires to be a “hot girl” i wanna be anup sangehra with big t-ts!

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