when getting lockjaw from giving so many bl-wj-bs and eating the c-m
sarah: ohw youd doingh?
jim: what? i can’t understand you at all.
danny: she’s got j-zz lock from all that blowbang she did last night.
sarah: ugh huhh.
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when a woman or man gets so much thick c-m on their face and hair that it resembles them having dreadlocks. they can already have dreadlocks and laced with c-m or just having c-m hanging from their head. either is acceptable.
dude, hannah just answered the door with j-zzlocks hanging from her head. she should probably take a shower.
one of the most controversial techniques in territorial marking.

the dominant male interlocks the prey’s head between its legs and as the prey is struggling in the vice grip, the dominant male whoops out its p-n-s and jerks off. the marker then j-zzes on the victim’s face.

the victim is then considered a b-tch.

use move with caution.

-can also be used off a wall run with the hunter lunging on the victims head
guy 1: man, you totally handled hannah last night

guy 2: i got her in a j-zz lock.

guy 1: lmf– -gives 15 dollars

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