Joe Shit The Rag Man

a term used during the 1960’s and early 70’s used by somebody either forgotten or intentionally not invited to some kind of function (party, orgy, etc.), the last to know about something, or whose opinion wasn’t either wanted or solicited.

btw, boisterous, ignorant, low iq marines (i’m redundant…) like to take credit for this term, like everything else of their non-invention…
example: wtf, why wasn’t i told about this? who am i, joe sh-t the rag man or something?
a slang term used in the us marine corps to generally describe anyone of arabic descent. most often used by irate staff ncos when lecturing about rules of engagement in a hostile environment.

(note: the author of this definition is not racist. he hates anyone different from himself equally.)
pr-ck e-7: “i don’t care what the r.o.e.s say! when joe sh-t the rag man comes at you with an ak and 6 tons of c4, you waste his hadji -ss! and i’ll take the fall. i’m here for you, marines!”

lance criminal: “yeah, so i can tell them what you told me when they court-martial my -ss!”
an average crack addicted -sshole who walks the streets just waiting to be beaten by a baton. he sells drugs to kids and p-sses on street signs.
officer smith was called to a domestic dispute… apparently joe sh-t the rag man was beating on his wife and toddler daughter for not providing him with enough crack.

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