a very wet girl who loves it rough.
a joli does not scream, a joli moans.
deeeeaaaammmm that girl is a joli!
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a hot girl
a f-cking amazing girl. she is one of the cutest girls you will ever meet. she is beautiful and kind. she loves her friends and is always there for them. she is immature at times, but mature when needed. she is trustworthy.
guy 1: have you seen that cute girl?
guy 2: yea she’s such a joli!
guy 1: i know right. 10/10 would bang
adjective: to describe one that has huge t-ts and is hilarious.
did you see that girl walk by? she had huge t-ts…almost a joli
joli is someone that’s very unpredictable. she loves her friends and will be there for them whenever they need help. shes immature at times but she can be mature when needed. shes also fun to be around. she is a very caring, loving, brave, and intelligent person. her family means alot to her and she will do anything she can to benifit them. she also lovessssss her boyfriend. she wants someone that she can trust and be best friends with. she also wants a boyfriend that will tell her that he loves her frequently and show his love for her in many ways.
that girl loves her boyfriend a lot. she must be a joli

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