a jonnard is a person that likes stuffs!
“he is a jonnard, he likes that stuffs!”

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    literally, “jumpers h-t it” is a command used in the us army airborne community to initiate the “hit it” exercise. it is a drill used to familiarize jumpers with the action of activating the reserve parachute if they feel no opening shock after a 4 second count. in airborne lore, “jumpers h-t it” is a […]

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    juneau is the landlocked capitol city of alaska. it has a population of roughtly 30,000 and growing. juneau is also one of the largest tourist destinations in the state by way of cruise ship. the people in juneau have a tendancy to be very nice and friendly, often either extremist right wing conservatives or uber-liberal […]

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    similar to a bogan, a jdeh is a woman who enjoys drinking, b-m-scratching and very loud burps. the girl who i sit next to work is such a jdeh, she drinks beer burbs and scratches her -rs- all day. respect.

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    a term motorcyclists use to refer to the mist of dirty water that gets kicked up by cars during or immediately following a rain storm. man it was scary, i couldn’t see out of my face shield because i was covered in some seriously nasty sh-t spray! when you pull down your trousers and boxers […]

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