verb: a word used in exchange for every other verb there is.
“shall we go for a joof, this afternoon”

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  • cawleen

    to have nutealla all over your face clark: dude, what the f-ck is he doing? john: he is pulling a cawleen, man. joe: -puts nutella all over his face- clark: no h-m-.

  • joofed out

    a term or phrase that relates to someone being very high, very very high. dude i went to see avatar 3d, only i didn’t need 3d gl-sses because i was so joofed out.

  • meira

    meira is a sweet and a sometimes quiet girl. she usually appears to be a blonde, curly haired girl. meira is constantly nice, and loves to hug her friends. she is quiet until she gets to know you. she is very hyper and funny around her friends. meira loves to dance, and is a perfectionist. […]

  • mexicoat

    a winter coat, that has that little line of fake fur along the hood. is normally worn by fat, ghetto -ss mexicans. nice mexicoat, queer

  • mirst

    the word used nowadays as a replacement for other words. this word can mean anything. whats up my mirst. that is totally mirsted up. go away you mirst.

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