Joseph Adam Jonas

a god!
every teenage girl would bow at his feet.
and if he said breathing wasn’t cool, 90% of teenage girls would drop dead. that’s how much of a heartthrob he is.
he is the hottest thing on this planet.
he is in a band which consists of paul kevin jonas ii, nicholas jerry jonas, and himself as the jonas brothers.

“the hottest boy band in the united states.”
no joke.

you will -rg-sm by the sight of him, and the sound of his voice will make you melt into a puddle of love.
he’s that amazing.

another thing…
we gaurantee that his next girlfriend will be murdered my a m-ss number of jonas fans.
no doubt about it.

so ladies… watch out.
“joseph adam jonas? don’t you mean the s-xiest man to walk the face of this earth?!”

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