some one who is s-xy as f-ck and girls can’t get enough of and love him and all guys are jeloues of him and he has the best personality no one on earth has a better heart then jovani and if you love him he’ll love you back because he that type of guy loves everyone also has a fat c-ck
1)d-mn i wanna jovani he pulls so many bomb b-tches
2) jovani so sweet he makes h-rny
a guy who gets all the b-tches with his big d-ck. all the girls are on his d-ck.they like sucking it up and down.
1. dude i wish i was a jovani.

2. if i was a jovani i would get all the b-tches.
a person who loves to party rock. shufflin everyday is included in party rocking. must be s-xy.
guy 1: “is party rock anthem playing?!?!”

guy 2: ” omg go call jovani!!”

jovani: “let the party rock woooooo”(while shufflin)
typically a very annoying person that is a total know it all.
also thinks he can win any argument and that his opinions only matter.
guy 1: hey guys i just got a xbox!

guy 2: i got a ps3 but thats cool!

jovani: actually a ps3 has higher resolution and more better games, you should do more research before you purchase a game ._.

guy 1: ….

guy 2: gtfo!

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