to completely kill the mood at a bar by playing music on the jukebox that is unbefitting of the establishment, such as country at a trendy urban lounge, hardcore rap at a west virginia honky tonk, or celine dion just about anywhere. will often result in a m-ss exodus of people, costing the bar hundreds if not thousands of dollars in revenue, and really p-ss off the bar owner.
jerry totally jukebombed the playaz club on sat-rday night by queuing up 20 consecutive michael bolton songs. the place was packed before it started, but by the end of the third bolton song, it was so quiet that you could almost hear crickets chirping.
the act of walking into a bar, dropping a $20 in the juke box, selecting the same justin bebeir song (the most effeminate one he sings which in my opinion is all of them) over and over again until the money is gone, then immediatly exiting the premises with haste.
the bikers attempted to make it throught the fallout of a strategically placed “juke bomb” of the justin beiber song “one less lonely girl”. after the third playing, the bar was forced to clear out, and the man hunt for the -ssailent was on!
an act of social terrorism that culminates in the art of singing a song with the full intention of infecting listeners brains for the remainder of the day with a melody that won’t go away short of lobotomizing surgery.
bob drops his purple rain juke bomb daily earning his moniker the uni-juke-bomber.

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