when a person keeps me entertained daily they keep me dying daily k.m.d.d.
sharon is always making me laugh she unknowingly k.m.d.d.

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  • n*gg* p*ssy f*ggot eater

    a n-gg- whos a p-ssy and eats men who like d-ck street person 1: who’s that guy? street person 2: omg i heard about him hes a real n-gg- p-ssy f-ggot eater

  • a subway sandwich with mayonnaise

    there is a man and a women who are laying on top of each other and as they are having s-x before the man is about to c-m he removes his p-n-s and c-ms on two pieces of bread which makes the bread look like it has mayonnaise. they he takes vegetables and adds it […]

  • bavarian handshake

    the act of p-ssing one’s hand through one’s own lederhosen crotch flap, to shake someone else’s hand. popular at german (and german-themed) festivals. franz’s bavarian handshake caught me off guard–but what a grip!

  • long *ss

    an increment of time, lengthy in nature. after i ran over a herd of tree huggers, i served a long -ss in pelican bay. b-ttocks that significantly longer than they are wide, as to resemble an open hot dog bun. check out that chick playing pool over there. she’s got some serious long -ss. where […]

  • neon god

    an false image of reilgous beleif. all those people at church praying to a neon god.

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