1. an amazing student, fry maker, wh-r- (paki’s are here main interest) and life in general.

2. tends to look like a bird.

3. loves taylor swift.

4. loves her friends-sarcasim
5. loves cherry flavoured cakes and to sing karaoke when drunk.

6. light weight, always in a good mood:)
karri-lynn when drinking acts like her cousin, the crow.

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    a fancy new name for brevard community college because they are offering 4 year degrees now. most people still call it bcc. bcc is basically 13th and 14th grade. do you go to bcc? yes, but now they call it eastern florida state college.

  • eat peaches

    to eat p-ssy “listen, i don’t eat peaches. but the way you look tonight, i just might take a bite.” – dirtbag (from monica’s “get it off”)

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