a name usually for a female
a name given to many people
meaning something beautiful or pretty in a family
she can be quite crazy, but she tries hard to achieve her goals
to them, friendship can mean more than just friends, they are loved family members to them
she means to be helpful and hopeful, yet misunderstood by other people
she is timid and emotional at times but she knows she has to be strong
she always wants to be something she dreams to be, even if it’s a difficult task
she finds friends can be one of the most difficult tasks, but she doesn’t give up quite yet
she has a counter part of hoping the good will always be near
she usually is a anime/manga fan

may seem cold to the outside world when serious
soft to friends/family
found to have an amazing talent
loves friends and family no matter what
kaylina was looking around for her book in her shelf.
s-xy b-tch with big hair.
d-mn that girl is a kaylina, but that hair is so 80’s.
the thing that crawls out of a closet every morning.
send the forward to 8 people or she’ll get you too!
“oh man, i’m so f-ckin’ scared! i didn’t send that forward and kaylina came after me last night!”

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