someone who likes to be queefed on and also likes to play poker with his g-y buddies

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  • tomaso

    typically an italian male. an extremely attractive and intelligent person. very energetic, intuitive and hard-working. loyal to friends, family and partners. do not try to harm the ones tomaso loves and cares for, as he will make you go missing. “have you met tomaso?” “no, but my friend tried to mess with him and i […]

  • alayka

    fierce, strong, artistic personality and is always there for the people she is closest with. very close to a lot of boys, and many friendships. great sense of humor who’s that person over there with the group of boys? oh its alayka, she’s always so alayka

  • yellow bishop

    one who is appointed by the local catholic church and backed by china, but rejected by the vatican—however, he could still be endorsed by the pope if he “repented of his sin.” beijing’s appointment of a yellow bishop has forced chinese catholics to choose between a “church” that operates openly and is controlled by communists-atheists […]

  • corn huskers lotion

    what my father uses when he’s alone in the house. my dad must’ve been using corn huskers lotion, this sock is wet and sticky.

  • aaronlobsterbreath

    someone who smells a lot like lobster you are such a aaronlobsterbreath

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