1. to impose oneself where one is not welcome, usually to make an inappropriate and/or s-xual comment or to har-ss those around you

2. to say provocative, offensive, or extremely s-xual things just to get attention
this guy got kicked out of cl-ss today because the teacher had had enough of his kernodleing.
verb : 1. to find offense in even conciliatory, harmless matters (i.e. the decorations in a room)
2. to accuse one of causing a mishap without proof or evidence that the individual in question is actually the perpetrator

3. to have an unhealthy infatuation with super mario
1. “why did benjamin leave the party early?”
“he began to kernodle about the painting you have.”
“but the subject matter of this painting isn’t even provocative!”
2. “she’s only kerondling; her statement would never hold up in court!”
3. “she kernodles so much that she even picked a boyfriend who looks like super mario despite the fact that he is gross!”

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