Keyboard Spaz

the keyboard spaz is not to be questioned. it just is. much like the repeating “asdf,” it’s an all-purpose expression. to question it is to defeat its very purpose. the purpose being a special form of non-verbal communication. it can convey feelings of any kind.

the “asdfkasjdf;lakjsdfkjasdf” is a means of expressing one’s self in ways that words cannot; especially over the internet in which words and exclamation points only hold so much meaning. as it is written in chapter three of ecclesiastes that “there is a time for everything,” there is also a time for the keyboard spaz.

in short, the meaning of the keyboard spaz is specific to its use/context, but its true meaning is far more profound. it is a communication between sender and receiver in which the receiver effortlessly intuits the intended meaning. this sacred form of communication runs deep in the intuitive connection between two like-minded people.
friend: “omg. did you hear that mr. johnson had s-x with a freshman?”

you: “;alksjfdlakjsdf;ljaksdljkadsf!!!”

friend: “right?! ‘holy sh-t’ were my thoughts exactly!”

this, is the sacred keyboard spaz.
someone who doesn’t have words to express something and they pound on the keyboard to show how excited/angry they are. can also be used as a noun to describe the text of a keyboard spaz.
-internet chat room-
person 1: did you hear? someone baked a 400 pound brownie!
person 2: 823yu4iwhjfkfisdhsadknf;sdjfhoasuidfhsa really?!!!??!!?!!?!
person 1: keyboard spaz much?

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