a girl with nice b–bs and -ss
look at that girl she’s such a kimmara

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  • mud pan

    a family-friendly term for a female’s b-tt. i.e. ” hey man, look at the mud pan on her”

  • pallak

    the hottest girl in the world. attracts all the guys!!! that girl is also known as very cute dammmmmmmm pallak is suck a hotty i wish i was her boyfriend

  • donk swampy

    a girls vag after 3 days of not showering; a really all around nasty b-tch. “did you eat that girls p-ssy last night man? ” “h-ll no! when i took off her pants her gine was donk swampy!!!!” “man dat b-tch is donk swampy! “

  • sesame seed

    a person who follows too close in a moving vehicle; a person that follows you around everywhere. “this dude won’t get off my -ss!” “i know! he’s stuck to your buns like sesame seeds.” a complete and total sh-tty wow hes like sesame seed! sesame seeds sesame seed is a seed that grows in buns, […]

  • derrian

    a great guy to have fun with. a friend you keep until the end of time. a guy who will help anyone out.a guy who dosent care what people say about him. a guy who has a m-ssive d-ck. i wish i was a derrian.

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