when three guys tagteam a chick and one sh-ts, one vomits, and one c-ms in her sn-tch and they make another sl-t eat it out of her c-nt.
girl 1: c’mon guys lemme have that klumpett!

guy 1: i got a nasty sh-t for you… take that sh-t b-tch.

guy 2: barf!! oh thats gonna make a nice klumpett

guy 3: oh thats a peter north load there for your dirty–ss sn-tch.

girl 2: oh baby, this is the best klumpett i’ve had in years!

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  • white syrup

    the white juices from a mans p-n-s when he is excited;c-m “do you spit or swallow white syrup” refers to s-m-n or aka “c-m”. it derives from the texture and consistency of s-m-n and its white pigment. “why did you shoot white syrup in my face bud??” “i can see your white syrup.”

  • klumpi

    a person with one bigger foot after getting a bee sting you will be klumpi

  • klumper

    to bounce rapidly on an obese womans chest while eating oatmeal during s-x. i klumpered your mom last night, dude!

  • bripped

    some one who is big built and ripped. hulk. “hey don, you been hitting gym?” “yeah man, i’m trying to get bripped for holiday!” being ripped while drinking really good beer. man, tron is so bripped.

  • backdrip

    getting “backdrip” occurs after snorting cocaine, when spit and c-ke is stuck in your throat after a line, usually a few minutes later. it has a pungent hairspray taste and may occur a number of times. however if this does happen don’t spit it out becuase you could acheive a larger high if the “backdrip” […]

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