a person with one bigger foot
after getting a bee sting you will be klumpi

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  • klumper

    to bounce rapidly on an obese womans chest while eating oatmeal during s-x. i klumpered your mom last night, dude!

  • bripped

    some one who is big built and ripped. hulk. “hey don, you been hitting gym?” “yeah man, i’m trying to get bripped for holiday!” being ripped while drinking really good beer. man, tron is so bripped.

  • backdrip

    getting “backdrip” occurs after snorting cocaine, when spit and c-ke is stuck in your throat after a line, usually a few minutes later. it has a pungent hairspray taste and may occur a number of times. however if this does happen don’t spit it out becuase you could acheive a larger high if the “backdrip” […]

  • back f*ggots

    people that sit in the back and don’t know the people that the people in the front do. people that would know a small circle of friends and n-body else. so does everybody know noah?” (people in the front) “yes!” (back f-ggots) “nooooo!!!!

  • back seat skyping

    when your talking with someone on skype and the person behind you keeps intruding in on your conversation, wandering over every couple of minutes to add in their two cents, and so they can watch themselves say things in the chat box. nine times out of ten this person is extremely annoying and ends up […]

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