knock out round 1
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  • Jellous

    feeling or showing envy of someone or their jello. o.m.g. i’m so jellous. #jealousjellousjellyjello

  • hazmatting

    the subtle art of setting up others to lose an argument before it has even begun. i can’t stop hazmatting people on facebook. it’s just so fun! #troll

  • bernardi

    /bə nɑ di/ noun (plural): the visible marks on an undergarment caused by a shart (singular: bernardi) synonym: skid marks nb: while skid marks may be attributed to poor wiping, bernardi are distinct as the results of a shart. “of all the bernardi, the south australian senator’s bernardus was the biggest and foulest” -prrrrrrppp- “ewwww, […]

  • siced

    a dumb -ss way to say some dumb sh-t “yo tom ! how siced are you for this weekend?” “honestly, shut your f-cking mouth. wtf is siced?” means to be excited. originated from d.c. son, he was siced about dat party #pressed #excited #happy #glad #super excited 1) excited, happy 2) exagerating 3) add excitment […]

  • Tayzd

    having a dominant girlfriend walking his girlfriend’s poodle past the park, channing heard his friends yelling tayzd

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