a seattle based music group, specializing in cross-genre original, hard-edged music. köckhammer founding members, are lieutenantsean (b-ss guitar, singer/songwriter) and nitrousbob (legendary guitarist, singer/ songwriter, and audio engineer). their music is best described as a raw, heavy b-ss driven, cross of powerful heavy metal rhythm w/screamin guitar leads, southern blues roots, and a touch of groove funk. known for their weekly recorded freestyle “rambles” in which the band members discuss current trends, world news topics, and the daily struggle of the human condition in their own words. all songs from köckhammer are produced and engineered at s&b studios/music forge sound labs, outside seattle, wa.
“hey rick have you heard that new köckhammer track? that sh-t is on point bro.”

“i was at köckhammers studio session last sat-rday, those guys are f-ckin bad-ss!”

“d-mn, nitrousbob from köckhammer sure knows how to shred on that guitar.”

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