a woman who is notorious for losing bodily function control during -rg-sm
i am the kombat wombat!!! poot!
the 1337est person in whole world
kombat_wombat rapes j00
kombat_wombat – see also “f-g”

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  • poyordi

    a state of mind that makes you think you’re in a twillight dimension yes, totally joppeing (poyordi) right now

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    sort of like, “f-ck”, or “d-mn”, but you can say it in front of children, and on nbc in the 1960’s. and, yes, this is from the monkees. however, this is not how they used it. i would just like to see it get used as a swear word. michael: “oh, micky, your tire blew”, […]

  • proski

    pulling off a joke or trick usually resevered or done by actual professionals… person 1: did you see josh do a 540 j-pan air off the 12 foot half pipe. person 2: ya it was proski.

  • Sextextastic

    something -rg-smis you get via txt message. omg those pix you sent me were s-xtextastic!

  • prospero

    one who performs teh magic, a guru of sorts that man is a prospero on computers! this is a total genious, this term is mostly used in the computer world. he’s totally prosperos

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