Kool-Aid Jammer

a man (usually white or another non african american race) who enjoys having s-x with (or “jamming”) black women. they are referred to as kool-aid jammers because they are jamming people who enjoy kool-aid alot. there is not a fried chicken jammer, however, because that wouldn’t be a funny play on words, and it would be stupid.
dude 1: dude, i heard you f-cked shakneeqwah last week. is it true?

dude 2: of course it is! i am a kool-aid jammer!
using your fist hitting another man(in clothes) in the genital area or -ss inflicting extreme paint.
i just kool-aid jammered that guy in the crotch!
the act of sucking a women’s period blood out of her v-g-n-, then proceeding to spit it on her br–sts.
“i gave this chick a kool-aid jammer last night”

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