what’s goin on. tha sh-t. what’s up in the hood.
random guy1: yo, what’s krackalackkin’?
random guy 2: sh-t dog.
random guy1: aight, i’s finna drop a bone in dis b-tch?
random guy2 what the f-ck’s a bone you crazy n-gg-?
random guy1: sh-t joe, i don’t know!

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  • krai

    cry a nub was killed by me a nub: hey that unfair me: krai kid kthnx nub leave bye

  • kuxe

    german, shortened 4 “guckst du (kuckst de)” translatable wit “do you look” or rather “are you lookin’” kuxe tv total heut abend? ( you lookin’ tv total 2n8? )

  • swagjaculate

    1. to -j-c-l-t- in a manner that does not betray the portrayal of swag. 2. to -j-c-l-t- s-m-n that is composed of at least 60% swag. yo, i swagjaculated all over mah b-tch last night. i ain’t show no emotion. i be representin mah swag at all times.

  • cl*t wrangler

    one who gets excessive amounts of moist v-g-n-. that dude is a cl-t wrangler

  • pritn

    pow right in the nose, a powerful punch delievered to ones nose when they are getting on your nerves. “wow didn’t you find jack annoying in that cl-ss” “yh i almost had give him a pow right in the nose” “you mean a pritn” “yh thats the one”

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