[al-frid;; german ahl-freyt] /ˈæl frɪd;; german ˈɑl freɪt/ (show ipa), 1812–87, german industrialist and manufacturer of armaments.
historical examples

possibly krupp had overheard the conversation, or divined its nature.
the price of love arnold bennett

would it help belgium if you and i were replaced by men from krupp’s?
two daring young patriots w. p. shervill

but the elder krupp had been on the right track, and would have won if his strength had held out.
the scr-p book. volume 1, no. 2 various

if krupp’s run these works the workmen will have to work, make no mistake on that point.
two daring young patriots w. p. shervill

the field and horse batteries are armed with the krupp quick-fire gun of the model of 1903.
kelly miller’s history of the world war for human rights kelly miller

a man named hirsch is hired by the krupp firm to “accelerate” this work.
face to face with kaiserism james w. gerard

the greater part of it is produced at or around essen, where are the famous krupp works, and bochum.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 11, slice 7 various

there were krupp guns mounted in most of these works, but not a steamer was h-t.
khartoum campaign, 1898 bennet burleigh

twice a krupp gun was brought up and some sh-lls fired amongst them, causing them to fall back.
the egyptian campaigns, 1882 to 1885 charles royle

at that time there were only three to reply to the krupp guns of the foe.
old and new paris, v. 2 henry sutherland edwards

a german family of steel and armaments manufacturers, including alfred, 1812–87, his son friedrich alfred, 1854–1902, and the latter’s son-in-law, gustav krupp von bohlen und halbach, 1870–1950

1883, gun made at the armaments works in essen, germany, founded by german metallurgist alfred krupp (1812-1887).

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