when something is equally kinky, awesome, and full of win
those pink fuzzy handcuffs are totally kwinsome

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  • fa shig uh dill

    to be in agreement with. to be down for girl: you wanna go get faded at the bar and then hit the after party tonight? guy: fa shig uh dill!

  • fasi

    samoan meaning for hiding… or smack i gonna give you a fasi for being naughty london(uk)slang word 4 “p-ssy” 1.ur a f-ck-n fasi! or 2.i f-ck-d dat p-ssy f:fat a:-ss s:stinky i:italian that kid dom is the biggest fasi ive ever f-ck-n met. and he’s gay.

  • fastball

    a very nice band that formed in austin, texas in the 1990s. “dude, did you hear that song by fastball, “the way?” it’s amazing!” infamous hashtag that is trending nationwide thanks to charlie sheen. ready for my next #fastball, world? plan better applies to everything where an excuse now sits. try it. u won’t be […]

  • kytfo

    “kytfo” means “knock you the f-ck out” “you better shut the f-ck up before i kytfo.”

  • c*kextacy

    the plant food also known as mephedrone, that was once used as plant food, but is currently being used as a recreational drug. it combines the hight of cocaine with the euphoria of extacy. it is illegal in many countries, however, it is not illegal in the united states yet. it does not show up […]

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