a girl who loves annoying you and me
“she would not stop screaming into the mic, what a kyell”

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  • 2nd is the best

    a saying losers tell themselves to make them feel somewhat happy with their lives. dude 1: *wins marathon* dude 2: *second place* dude 1: i can’t believe i won a marathon! this is the best day of my life! dude 2: yeah, well first is the worst and 2nd is the best , so ha! […]

  • dense woods

    when the dong is so heavy u cant bring it off the ground sorry we cant do it, i have dense woods

  • vagutt hole

    the sound a woman makes when you surprise them by grabbing them in the v-g-n- and b-tt hole at the same time. get you hand out of my vagutt hole!

  • zibmoment

    a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present reality. i had a zibmoment last night, john!

  • carloda

    a large amount of something she had a carloda d-cks in her mouth last night

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