the most beautiful, smart, amazingly awesome girl in the world.
she is just a kymora.

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  • lyoo

    a way to tell a significant other you love them, but in a more subtle and sweet way. constructed by merging the words ‘love you’ together. can also be written with any amount of os, e.g. ‘lyoooo’. i lyoo, i lyoo so much

  • hardship

    basically, when a person is having a b-n-r. oooo, hardship!

  • chronic mortality

    the disease that causes the eventual death of most living organisms. i have chronic mortality, it will cause my death in 666 years.

  • lashanti

    is a lady who can be s-xy and s-xual when with the one. she has a great body and is very loving. me: when i find the one she’ll be s-xy and the best thing you have ever seen friend: you mean a lashanti i have one

  • pixxispad

    when a man gets a b-n-r whilst swimming hot girl in a bikini walks by … tom gets a pixxispad talla qas il pixxkerija ma ssib bhalu

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