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can you define it?

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    a small town up close to the canadian border in new york, that can easily be renamed to hillbilly heaven. your neighbor may likely be your second cousin or an on-parole s-x offender. make sure to watch your kids. the town is a go-to spot if you’re looking to go on a dollar store-spree because […]

  • beinna

    a person who is homeless and being so much dumbf-ck.and work for a penny also khankir pola tor ma beinna silo ar tor jonmo randi paray

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    it’s bandicoot just bandicoochi like p-ssy dayum n-gg- my fav game is crash bandicooch

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    a drink that rots your teeth and should be banned but it makes a lot of money for the corrupt government so they won’t ban it. i lost all my teeth cuz of coca cola cl-ssic

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    bad-ss family name originating from lebanon! the chediaks are a dashingly handsome group skilled in almost every humanly art. they are most likely surp-ssing your family name in happiness, wealth, and b-tches. “that chediak just stole my wife and dog with one smoldering glance.”

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