Lady balls

when a girl has the “b-lls” to do something
d-mn she’s got some serious lady b-lls to be doin that.
1. equivalent of male slang and connotations that surround the word “b-lls,” altered to accommodate women with the same characteristics
ex: “he loves my b-lls” becomes “he loves my ladyb-lls.”
“she did that?! it takes extreme ladyb-lls to do that.”
“you need to realize that he loves your ladyb-lls, grizz.”
a womans p-ssy lips
sally p-ssed the basketball to jane and it hit her in the lady b-lls
if you p-ss a friend of yours of who is a girl, and your a girl too.
omg i hate her so much i wanna kick her in her ladyb-lls
lady b-lls are ovaries ya morons, cause ladies don’t have t-st-cl-s. that’s why it don’t hurt a lady when you kick her square between her legs like it would any uncastrated dude. but try kicking a lady in the ovaries and she’ll be spitting out r-t-rd babies for the rest of her reproductive life.
i swear to g-d if that b-tch packing my groceries threw that 5 pound bag of oranges on top of my organic eggs i’m going to jump the counter and judo chop her square in the lady b-lls! >_<

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