lady shenanigans

a community of high-spirited professional females.
i love our lady shenanigans community.

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  • cowish

    being a cow, that will eat gr-ss, then sleep, then sleep in cl-ss, then eat again. eg. ethanbb that ethan guy, he’s so cowish, its irresistible

  • palm oyster

    the act of c-mming in the palm of the hand, and slurping it up like an oyster. s-m-n in the palm of a hand resembles the inside of an oyster, which is also a salty viscous liquid. a palm oyster can be carried out whenever an individual has no place to -j-c-l-t-, like a tissue […]

  • mastrubatable

    slang term for something amazing , beautiful, gorgeous etc the photo i just took of you is mastrubatable.

  • dorito puff

    a useless couch potato in other words a person that just gave up on life and honestly doesn’t care about anything anymore a dorito puff is a person who just gave up on life and honestly doesn’t care about anything anymore. in other words a couch potato who has been hurt so much they chose […]

  • robbie r*t*rd

    when someone is acting like an idiot. typically shortened to robbie doug: hey man i’m trying to pick up this chick but your being a robbie r-t-rd ron: you mean a robbie? when you add r-t-rd you sound like a f-cking robbie

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