Lamar Smith

a messy, unflushable bowel movement that has been left in the toilet even though a plunger was readily available.
ok, which one of you left a lamar smith in the upstairs bathroom? i’m not cleaning that up.
the man behind the sh-ttiest piece of legislation the u.s. government ever came up with. he is a republican from texas and does not deserve a second more in office.
lamar smith is another r-t-rded -sshole with too much power, it is amazing that anonymous ignores him.
the -sshole who introduced the sopa bill (otherwise known as the sh-ttiest pice of legislation ever introduced to the u.s. government).
lamar smith, the biggest f-ck to ever be.
the f-cker behind sopa!
that lamar smith dude is trying to f-ck the internet in the -ss!
another term for “f-ggot” or “piece of sh-t.”
“dude, that wasn’t funny at all. you’re such a lamar smith.”

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