a ‘lawrencemarsh’ is a type of kick used in the sport of rugby union. specifically, it is a long range point scoring kick used to take a shot at goal,either from a conversion or penalty, from the tee. unlike the ‘garryowen’ , the ‘lawrencemarsh’ is not named after a club but rather a pioneer of the rugby game who heralded from saltash, cornwall. according to cornish myth his young cornish contemporaries; jack nowell and luke cowan d-ckie, in county matches distanced themselves from lawrence due to his uncanny knack of taking the limelight away from their exploits and kicking the ball over the posts from literally anywhere on the pitch. his longest ever recorded kick sailed over both sets of posts (which is approx 100m ) at the famous moorlands lane pitch in saltash ( well known for its high winds and tasty pastries). modern exponents of the ‘lawrence karsh’ include ; leigh halfpenny, elliot daly, francois steyn and even the ever-tanned gavin henson.
owen ” elliot, this one is too long for me, and george can’t hit a barn door with a banjo: so it requires a lawrencemarsh”

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