name for a pimp
that new guys name is l’eee, hes such a player

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  • close the book

    in brief: ask for a divorce or an ending to a relationship; see end the book. sometimes two people are not on the same page to a point where he/she is turning too many more pages than him/her to where he/she wants to close the book.

  • Troll Dyke

    noun. the highest level of dyk-ness. even trumps bull dyk-. a highly aggressive, dangerous lesbian. typically marked by flannel, jorts, hiking boots, and a love for kayaking. troll dyk-s hate p-n-s, men, and/or anything phallic. they also love to stomp. should you encounter a troll dyk-, it is best to never look it directly in […]

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    another word for dextromethorphan hydrobromide “dancin with the dextress”

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    a game that is so very easy but it looks like its hard. perhaps expensive. i.e not challenging. dude: hey you know that game? dudette: what game, dora the explorer’s magical adenture due: yeh, it rocks. dudette: nah. it’s a harry game.

  • struj

    scottish moody guy struj: “awwwww man”

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