Lesley University

formerly an all girls school with a dry campus in the very liberal community of cambridge, ma. lesley university has several schools under it including lesley college and the art inst-tute of boston.

this year the school became coed and furthered drawing a huge divide between the art inst-tute of boston students, the lesley girls, and the lesley basketball boys. in addition, there is no longer a dry campus and drinking is allowed in dorms of students who are 21+ and served at school functions to 21+ students.
“i can’t believe lesley university is coed now. i came here to learn and not be distracted by boys!” -lesley girl

“i can’t believe we have to be around these lesley university girls all the time. they think they are so much better than us.” – aib student

“dude, look at all the chicks at lesley university. i’m going to get trashed and bone every one of em.” -basketball boy

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