lesbian, g-y, bis-xual, transgender and anything else anyone might come up with in the future.
rick, a g-y transs-xual curious ally, is a member of the lgbtqwerty community.

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  • buzzbowl

    to erase from existence. i met god once. but then here buzzbowled me because i was a sinner./

  • community sl*t

    a girl who f-cks everybody in the community you live in. also known as community p-ssy, she’s down for any nigha she meets 2/10 n-gg-s you know have smashed her. i need some p-ssy man… ~ friend 1 just hit up the community sl-t bailey ~ friend 2

  • urban trigg tionary

    when you literally get so triggered about something that you go to urban dictionary to try and create a definition for a word to bash the person or thing that you have been triggered gosh, going through the latest posts on urban dictionary you can tell some people are really losing their mind about us […]

  • foot bandit

    the fantasies of ones s-xual urges towards feet corrupts their mind, thus creating an outburst of uncontrollable l-st s-x for any feet around the being. i got home, he took off my shoes, and sucked the f-ck out of my toes. at that point i knew he was nothing more than a corrupted foot bandit

  • w*nkin in the wind

    a derivative of the phrase, “blowin’ in the wind,” which itself was coined by singer-songwriter bob dylan in his h-t song of the same name. whereas people use the original phrase to respond to profound societal and political questions, “w-nkin’ in the wind” is used in situations where the answer to a question is so […]

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