a liat is a person who is pretty shy, but can be incredibly outgoing at certain times. a liat is usually hot, and tall. liat’s generally make for amazing friend’s and great dinosaurs. you could never hate a liat, no matter how irritating they can get at certain times.
person 1- he’s such a liat!
person 2- i know but you gotta love him anyways.

stands for:

look! its a tyrana sauras!
“whats that” – “liats!”
a follow of the hebrew faith who simply follows the faith when it suits them. females are brash and short, usually with big t-ts and an even bigger ego. generally impossible to work with them as they tend to alienate anyone who doesn’t stroke their ego, or cl-toris.
i have liat in my group; everyone wants to kill her except her f-ck-buddy.
it’s short for ‘like that’. commonly used in chat rooms, im’s, etc
boy : there’s nothing wrong in designing it liat. actually, a lot of people do it that way.
1. a very snuggly hat that is too big, but feels just right.
2. talkative, neurotic and very lovable
1. “this liat is just perfect, even tho its a bit too big for me.”
2. man that girl needs to chill out, shes being such a liat – but i like her anyway!
a very attractive redhead girl, known by her big br–sts and sarcastic personality.
look at that girl! she’s trying to be a liat, she dyed her hair red!

man i hate liat, all the guys seem to want her!
vlad the impaler, one who is known as vlad the impater
hey i wonder what vlad the impaler’s theme is today

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