Liberal Hippy

an individual who is against oppression but believes the private sector and big business should be oppressed. one who does not understand that the private sector pays taxes and creates jobs. an individual who believes holding hands and peacefull existence will provide a model example to all mankind; and in doing so every culture and society will embrace a dove and release it in unity. this action will lead to flowers in the hair and the abolition of the oil industry. which in turn will change humanity from ambitious to a stagnate homeostasis. this individual will give no concern to socioeconomics but will embrace the idea that group sharing provides everything. an individual that does not fully understand the essence of cause and effect. an individual whose intellect is “below par”. an outright hypocrite. one who denies reality. one who lives in fairytale land. any individual who believes humanity in its current form can work together as a peacefull whole without laws and war. one who does not believe in organized government (the man), but believes the government should provide for everyone.
a liberal hippy drives their car around town to distribute flyers that say “stop driving cars”. a liberal hippy fights for peace. a liberal hippy doesn’t understand why executives should earn more money than a grocery attendant. liberal hippies don’t embrace the idea of payment for work. liberal hippies deny the razor and deodorant. liberal hippies believe the government should take care of everyone. liberal hippies believe “obama gonna pay my bills”.
the liberal hippy has selective senses. hearing only what they want and seeing only what fits their self-righteousness. the liberal hippy craves drama. in the event it comes upon such a situation it will turn that incident upon itself to appear the victim. the liberal hippy’s evidence of self-victimizatioin shall be dispayed in the exaggeration of each situation. distortion is key to its self-perception. without such a key ithe liberal hippiy’s ego fails and it begins to experience human emotions such as regret and true empathy. “true empathy” isn’t to be confused with the constant battle for women and minority rights.
aclu, obamunist universal healthcare, antiwar movement.

recently the riots on california college campuses due to higher tuition prices. the liberal hippy claimed “everyone should have the right to education not just the elite”. when in fact the cause of tuition prices rising was due to the debt collaborated from a failing economy based on “liberal hippy politics”
the liberal hippy places morality as the highest accomplishment and goal of its agenda. the liberal hippy defines morality as the rights of all humans to choose equally having the same social opportunities. therefore giving reason for socialism to be aquainted with the topic. the liberal hippy will go to any extreme to provide social equality to, in opinion, the very lowest social cl-ss. however the strategy of the liberal hippy always results in higher taxes. look at the history from the last 100 years in america. higher taxes tend to create job loss from industry. as job loss and the fabric of economics begins to unweave and desperation grows within the population. economic security detiorates and the public looses its “moral fiber”. without security there can be no moral standard and anarchy erupts. this justifies, to the liberal hippy, more government control. therefore the greatest blunder in hypocracy occurs. thus the word “liberal hippy” or “liberal hypocrite”. a full circle occurs where by the liberal hippy’s l-st for moral equality through government intervention causes a decline in moral standard.
the liberal hippy retrieves its taxation principles and cl-ss definition from the early bourgeoisie government of france. stating that those who own land, commodities, and industry should pay the highest taxes. while those recieving tax as an income are fit to use it as way to purchase a political office through lobbyist support. this theory is evident in the french revolution and is becoming so in obama policy.

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