it is a meaning for saying you are a lazy pr-ck who takes everything seriously when you say something sarcastic to them; not pleased with one’s actions or words when spoken to in a jokingly way.
when you sarcastically talk with that man, he becomes a ligeratally pr-ck.

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  • traumaunction

    an over-dramatized expression of speech (read “sermon”) designed to inflict mental trauma in the listeners and inflict fear of condemnation in order to drive one back to the cross daily for more jesus the pastor’s traumaunction on sunday morning prompted several to respond to the alter-call.

  • get the strap

    a boss phrase meaning someone has ticked you off so you’re going to escalate the situation. popularised by 50 cent’s instagram posts and the show “power”. “yo man, remember that tenner i lent you last week” “what tenner?” “tyrone, get the strap” “ahhh okay i remember now” something people say when you p-ss them off […]

  • negrodom

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  • lemon-lime pop

    just that soda/pop/cola that tastes like lemons and limes. also can be used to calm upset stomachs. bartender:you look a lil green want some lemon-lime pop?

  • mucklefuppet

    to have a friend who’s a c-nt. “oi bob!” “yeah” “p-ss off you mucklefuppet!” “right then”

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