lil bill

a faithful young man who attends famu, lookin for his future wife, can’t really dance but he will try, and he is loyal. he also is said to have hoes but it’s not true
hey lil bill they say you hoes is that true?
the adorable cartoon character in sainsburys tv ad for car insurance. lil bill is a walking, singing, smiling receipt with an immensely catchy theme tune!
gabbi: lil bill is so cute!
anne: i know!! i love him!
gabbi: no i love him more!
-continues until they both break into the lil bill song-:

now i aint too big and i aint too small but for car insurance give sainsburys a call. i could save you money, get your premiums down by as much as £180! lil bill, lil bill, lil bill, lil tiny bill

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