a term used on some messageboards to ask for links to pages, pics, files and games
we want linkage
terminology used to define casual s-xual relationships with no commitment.
(noun) caribbean/west indian/bahamian farewell term derived from the colloquial verb, “link” which means to speak to again, or to see again, to meet one more time. often used as a one-word sentence, abbreviated to mean, “we will do linkage” i.e. we will speak again, we will see each other again. originally, speakers would say “we ga link!” translated – we’re going to link. instead, now they simply say “linkage”
joe -“it’s been real man. i’ll talk to you tomorrow”

tim – “alright man. linkage!”
1. any article of clothing or accessories that has anything to do with link from the legend of zelda.

2. any bling that has been linked together into one giant blingage.
person 1: hey what are you going to do at the cosplay convention?

person 2: oh im going to cosplay as link but i need to go to the mall to get some linkage.

person 3: alright that sounds awesome!
when two mates have knowingly or unknowingly slept with the same person they are said to have linkage.
a guy sleeps with a girl. his mate sleeps with the same girl on a later occasion. the two guys now have linkage.
the act of many h-m-s-xual men when they stand in a row with there p-n-ses in each others -ssholes.
aaron and matt had a linkage party today.

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