Lisa Edelstein

is an american actress and playwright. she currently stars as dr. lisa cuddy on the critically acclaimed drama house.

lisa edelstein was born to jewish parents alvin and bonnie edelstein in boston, m-ssachusetts. she is one of three children, and she was raised in wayne, new jersey and attended wayne valley high school, graduating in 1984. she moved to new york city at the age of 18 to study theatre at new york university’s tisch school of the arts. while living in new york, she became involved in the club scene known as “lisa e.” and became known also as the “queen of downtown”

as doctor lisa cuddy she enjoys prancing around princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital in skimpy outfits and flirting it up with dr. house.

when she isn’t stripping for house, making out with him or getting fertility shots in her b-tt ,she enjoys sticking her nose into his business, and pretty much doing anything so that she can get close to him.

she is extremely hot and single and is waiting for the moment when house (or possibly any other man) will jump her. enjoys making fun of her -ss and b–bs and constantly brings them into jokes making it clearly obvious of his intentions to bang the sh-t out of her.

in a nutsh-ll…everyone at the hospital is annoyed by her nagging and whining…yet…all of them want to f-ck her.

she has also been in boston legal, the west wing (where she played a prost-tute), ally mcbeal (where she played a transvest-te, ned and stacy, felicity and just shoot me to name a few

she has also recently been in the movie “special delivery” which aired dec. 21, 2008 on lmn

she is a very beautiful and talented actress and a gifted playwright who has a lot more amazing things to come.

watch house!
on the tv show house, m.d.:

dr. cuddy: do you have anything to add to this debate?
dr. house: wilson’s right, foreman’s wrong, your shirt is way too revealing for the office

dr. cuddy: what are you doing?
dr. house: well, you’re trying to be me, so i thought i’d try to be you.
dr. cuddy: you don’t have the cleavage for it.
dr. house: but i have a much tighter -ss.

dr. house: i want my old carpet back.
dr. cuddy: it was stained with blood.
dr. house: yeah. my blood. which makes the carpet part of me. i want it back. i want to be buried with it.
dr. cuddy: you think you can get me to do anything you want, regardless of how stupid it is?
dr. house: it’s my office! it’s where i work, where i think, where i save lives, allowing you to brag to rich people so they’ll give you more money to spend on mri’s and low-cut tops.

guy: “hey are you going to watch house tonight?”
guy 2: “f-ck yeah! are you kidding me?! i can’t miss the chance to see cuddy-lisa edelstein- possibly strip, get naked and f-ck someone!”

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