little liar

little liar was commonly used to describe children who told a porky. the little was added to make it sound non threatening to the wee nippers and it was often said in a sing songy tone. little liar is now commonly used by adults to describe other adults caught out in blatant lies. once called a little liar you are immediately made to feel small by your stupidity in not thinking of something more believable. once called a little liar you are tarnished for life and once a little liar, you will always be known as that great big tw-t.
why have you got p-rn on your phone?
i haven’t!
why are even denying it.
i haven’t even watched it! barry sent it to me!
you’re such a little liar!

how tall are you?
5ft 1″
no way you’re 5ft 1″, you’re only 5ft 2″ with 3 inch heels on.
you little liar

babe can i use your phone, mines charging upstairs
why do you need it?
why are you asking, what are you hiding?!!!!
nothing, i don’t need this, i’m going out!
you’re such a little liar!!!!

she’s denying she’s had botox!
what? it’s so obvious!
i know right… she’s such a little liar

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