living will

a type of inheritance-doc-ment which releases and distributes -ssets while the bequeather is “still with us”; particularly common among “unpopular” geezers with greedy impatient young heirs: said geezer fears that said heirs may conspire to “off him before his time” because they do not love or care for him personally, and so they just want him out of the way so they can get their grabby hands on his money sooner. so this kind of will may better insure that he can go on living a while longer; it also allows him to monitor and stipulate how his money is being used, something he could not do after his death.
seniors club member #1: you mean to tell me that you gave your nephews their inheritance money now?! how come?
seniors club member #2: oh, just a precaution in an effort to live longer — a living will is cheaper than hiring a bodyguard!

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