let me lick your cl-t
her:wat you wanna do.

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  • bonding moment

    keith cradled lance in his arms but lance doesnt remember so did it really happen? “we had a bonding moment! i cradled you in my arms!” “nope didn’t happen”

  • redneck millionaire

    a distinctly sublime variety of nouveau riche. while largely excluding the common features of ostentation, poor taste and the narcissistic alternative reality of ent-tlement found in the trust fund f-cker catagory, redneck millionaires are defined by their use of money to further the happiness and well-being of family, friends and community. hey check out that […]

  • daisler

    daisler is a nice,sweet,funny, and he loves jokes and pranks. he likes talking to girls and flirt with them.sometimes he’ll flirt with you! have you seen daisler’s prank today at lunch, it was hilarious!

  • urban pigeon

    a pigeon that gives zero f-cks. normally they run away, but urban pigeons want to start a fight. they don’t run away, but instead run towards you. they have no fear. *bird runs towards you* oh sh-t man it’s an urban pigeon!

  • burrsh*t

    some thing a drunken white surfer teenager says when a police officer tells him to go home. p “im just chillen but you can get out of my face with that burrsh-t.”

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