mexican slang used to describe uptight girls most likely belonging to the upper cl-ss. lobukis are well-known for their inclination to hang around high-cl-ss, modern, young males – known as mirreyes.

lobukis are an essential element of mirreyes’ photos, adding a flare of distinction and are used as the unequivocal evidence that mirreyes are in fact not gay. commonly, lobukis are posh girls with a close relationship with mirreyes: sisters, cousins, schoolmates. (most likely they never talk to non-mirreyes).

contrary to the common perception, lobukis are not easy girls. many times they only use mirreyes for the perks involved in being around them – free drinks, vip p-sses in clubs and rides in expensive cars.
common lobukis’ p-ss-times include shopping and trying on their shopping.
let’s go for some lobukis tonight, mirrey!

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