a brief romantic encounter usually occuring while traveling or on vacation, occasionally outwardly resembling a conventional relationship, but without any underlying comittment. may be rekindled at future opportunities.
melissa? yeah, she’s cool. we had a brief locationship at the company retreat last fall.
friendships that only last while in the location they were formed such as friends from high school that you lose touch with or never talk to again after high school
oh yeah, i was friends with christy at work but it was just a locationship so we didn’t talk after i quit.


i just had locationships in high school, i haven’t seen those friends since.
a relationship that occurs between 2 (or more) actors/actress’s while on location shooting a movie

but could apply to someone working out of town and hooks up on a one time or regular basis
brad and angalina’s relationship started out as a locationship (mr & mrs smith)

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