used by f-ggots to subtly tell everyone that they’re gay
hey, bro you doing anything tonight? lolwz

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  • looking out

    helping a friend out , being cool hey i bought you starbucks thanks for looking out

  • love you too

    means that you love the person but you don’t really have the very much feeling for that person doesn’t mean the same thing as i love you joe: ” i love you sam” sam: ” love you too joe”

  • maudit anglais

    cajun for “english-speaker” or “non-cajun.” the term goes back to when the acadians were driven out of their homes in acadia (part of the canadian province of nova scotia) by the british army and local officials in an early instance of ethnic cleansing. in some parts of louisiana, the word “anglais” (“english”) is never spoken […]

  • midget party

    cacophemism for a ‘little’ get t ogether he: are you going to the midget party tonight? she: that’s un-pc & offensive! he: ok, we’re having a little get together later, you in? a party where a normal sized people get a bunch of midgets and beat them up and throw them around everywhere. me and […]

  • mom walk

    when two people take a walk to ‘exercise’ but really do it so they can gossip and be social. the walk might last for an hour and is an excellent combination of exercise and catching up with friends. some mom walkers wear large hats for sun protection and carry f-nny packs for their sunscreen. hey […]

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