an ecuadorian spic
according to the real academia española, the spanish-language word “longo” is derived from the quechua-language word “lungu”.

socialistic hippies like the longos because of their uncivilized t-rd world manners.
his friends call him ponyboy(definitely not a big c-ck joke) and he is insane but he wouldn’t hurt his friends infact his friends are the only thing that matter to him and he couldn’t live without them.but if their is one thing you don’t want to do it is f-ck with his friend brian they are like brothers and mike will wear you like a suit if you try to hurt his friends especially brian…and never ever f-ck with the girl he likes or you might just die.
no longo its okay don’t hurt him
chronic masturbation. uncontrollable b-n-r-l-st, followed by humping any object within reach. the result of longoing to long is having a crushed pelvis and imploded p-n-s.
man 1: oh my g-d, he’s at it again.

man 2: what? who?

man 1: my roommate. he’s longoing. again.

man 2: jesus, does he have, like a problem or something??

man 1: he’s like an animal. a monster.

longo: what’s going on fellas.

man 2: why is your hand bleeding?

man 1: -silent disapproval-

longo: you guys are douchebags.
an ecuadorian spic
socialistic hippies like the longos because of their uncivilized t-rd world manners.

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